Emmy Awards finish the distribution of screeners

The Emmy Awards (Emmy Awards) decided to stop distributing screeners for the voting procedure. Instead, the company will adopt a new streaming service only for members where they can take part in the vote.

Frank Scherma of the Television Academy of Arts and Sciences says this move will better meet the display needs of 25.000's members. Not to mention the cost benefits, since sending all of these DVDs was not at all cheap.

Not to mention that this is not the first time the Emmy Awards have tried to do so and have even worked with Google before using the Chromecast service in the voting process.

So the vote for 2020 will obviously be the first time that DVDs will not be delivered to members who have the right to vote.

But is this just the reason?

Emmy Awards

The other reason, of course, for switching to streaming services, is to limit piracy. Imagine 25.000 DVDs leaving Hollywood before the official release of the movie…

Here is to say that Oscar awards have begun to distribute the proposed films through other methods, such as iTunes. It is now obvious that Hollywood and its copyright holders are seriously considering the use of the latest technology to prevent piracy.

This news, which will surely upset the pirates. However, we will have to wait for their answer, only this time, in addition to the "edge" that the screener gives publicly on torrents sites, cryptographers will be needed, who are able to disable encryption of sreaming.


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