Electronic Crime Proclamation for EMOTET Banking Malware

EMOTET Banking Malware: The Electronic Crime Prosecutor's Office informs citizens who use e-banking to display a new malware that targets their bank account (Banking Malware)

EMOTET malware

New malware can steal electronic access data of e-banking and "collect" sniff network traffic data, stealing sensitive data of other connected users

The new malware was dubbed "EMOTET" and quickly spreads through emails

The Electronic Crime Prosecution Directorate of the Greek Police informs citizens who use e-banking for the emergence of a new malware (EMOTET) that targets their bank account malicious software (Banking Malware).

In particular, the new malicious software has the ability to intercept the electronic access details of e-banking (username, password, etc.), but also to "collect" the sniff network traffic, by blocking sensitive data and the other users who are connected to it.

This software, called EMOTET, is rapidly spreading through emails. In particular, the user sends an e-mail message informing him about a transfer of funds made to his bank account that contains a link for more information about the bank transfer in question. Once the user clicks on the link in the e-mail message, the malicious software installation begins without the user's knowledge.

It is noted that malware has the ability to bypass even the secure HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) connection. This poses a greater risk of eavesdropping, as users believe they are online safely.

Citizens who receive e-mails with similar content are urged not to open the links or download the files contained therein. In any case, it is recommended to every user to confirm their transactions through their banking institution. This will confirm the correctness of the email before taking any further action.

In addition, if the user clicks on the link in a similar e-mail message that has been corroborated, it is recommended to reinstall the operating system.

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