Prevent Meta from using your data for AI training

This year we have seen a meteoric rise in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI from ).

If we saw very impressive models, there is plenty of room for further improvement. So the AI ​​models that companies use will need to continue to be trained. Most of the time companies use publicly available data to train their models.

artificial intelligence

However, at times Personally Identifiable Information (PII) has been included, creating privacy nightmares for companies and users alike.

If you're not happy with this and want to take back control of your data, you can do so at Meta. The company allows users to submit a request if they do not want their data to be used to train various artificial intelligence models. Unfortunately, the form only covers third-party services and sources, which means you can't ask Meta not to use data collected by its own services like Facebook and Instagram.

Artificial intelligence models ei substantial computer programs. They use predictions and patterns to create new content. To be able to detect these patterns, the models are trained on billions of data from many different sources. These may also include information that is publicly available on the internet or licensed sources.

Let's see how you can ask Meta to delete third-party data about you:

Open the form “Data subject rights regarding the creation of artificial intelligence models” on Facebook.

You will be presented with three options. You can ask Facebook to provide all the data it has about you, or you can delete it. Select the second option to also delete data already stored by third parties.

What best describes the problem you are facing or the objection you have?

  • I want to access, download or correct my personal information from third parties used to build artificial intelligence models
  • I want to delete my personal information from third parties used to create artificial intelligence models
  • I want to object or block the processing of my personal data by third parties used to create artificial intelligence models

Once done, fill in your country of residence, name and email address. Although the form doesn't mention it, it would be a good idea to use your Facebook account email address when filling out the form

Once done, click submit to submit the details to Facebook

Meta did not indicate a timeline for compliance after the request was made. However, the company states that submitting the form does not automatically delete your data.

Once Meta receives your request, it will review it and act in accordance with the country's privacy laws. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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