Emsisoft Browser Security protection from malicious sites

Emsisoft Browser Security: For those looking for extra protection while browsing the web, Emsisoft has released an extension for two major browsers that prevent interaction with known phishing, malware or scam pages.

Emsisoft Browser SecurityThe Emsisoft Browser Security extension is currently available for it Google Chrome and Firefox, and the security company says it will release one later for Microsoft Edge.

Once installed, it runs quietly in the background by asking Emsisoft servers while browsing the web. This way, it can determine whether to exclude a page or not.

If the page you are visiting is identified as malicious, it will prevent you from opening it as shown below.

If the page blocked by the extension is "clean" again, you can click the Report an error button to notify Emsisoft and display the page. This page will also be added to your personal list so that it is not blocked in the future.

To view the pages in the exclusion list, you can click on the extension icon and choose to manage the exceptions as shown below.

This will display a list of all excluded pages and allow you to remove pages that were accidentally added.

Reporting a site to the company is very easy. Click the extension icon and select Report this site as dangerous.

When reporting a page, the URL will be sent to Emsisoft servers and will be analyzed by their researchers.


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