A most wanted hacker mocks the FBI

Earlier this year, the US government indicted Russian hacker Mikhail Matveev, also known as “Wazawaka” and “Boriselcin”, accusing him of being “a prolific ransomware unit” that carried out “significant attacks” against companies and critical infrastructure in the US and elsewhere.

Οι ομοσπονδιακοί τον αναφέρουν επίσης σαν “κεντρικό πρόσωπο” στην ανάπτυξη περιβόητων παραλλαγών ransomware όπως το Hive, το LockBit και το Babuk. Ο Matveev είναι τόσο μεγάλος κυβερνοεγκληματίας που το τον κατέταξε στην λίστα των most wanted hackers.

But Matveev, who the FBI believes remains in Russia, is unlikely to face extradition to the United States.matveev

For Matveev, however, life seems to it's normal and even makes fun of the feds by making it up a t-shirt with his own poster, asking his Twitter followers if they want to buy.

Matveev verified by TechCrunch that it was really him, showing a picture of his left hand, which has only four fingers, according to Matveev's FBI Most Wanted page.

Matveev also sent a selfie holding a piece of paper with the name of the journalist from TechCrunch.large

Matveev complained about the word “hacker.”

"I don't like this designation -hacker, we are special experts, practical and use our knowledge and resources". "I'm only financially motivated, basically, I was thinking about what to do, sell people or what to become."

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