EndeavourOS Linux 2021.04.17 new ISO

The distribution Endeavor Linux has released a new ISO to give you an up-to-date installation tool in case you want to use Arch Linux but you do not want to go through the complex installation process.

With his support Linux kernel 5.11.14, its new version Endeavor Linux for April 2021 comes with the latest Mesa 21.0.2 graphics stack, the NVIDIA 465.24.02 graphics driver, and the Calamares graphical installer, which makes it very easy to install the Arch-based distribution Linux.

In addition to the usual updates, the new version Endeavor Linux brings various improvements for a better experience. For example, there is better support for computers with NVIDIA GPU, the auto-connect function will work properly after installation, USB support can now be enabled if you run the Endeavor in VirtualBox and its tools Endeavor they look better.

The Welcome app has also been improved to make it easier for newcomers to Arch Linux get acquainted with the distribution and adjust it to their needs.

Its new version Endeavor brings good news for the friends of window managers because it is now possible to install the distribution either with BSPWM or with Sway tilling WMs. These window managers can be used autonomously or over a desktop, but are not based on a specific desktop environment.

The Endeavor Linux is a rolling distribution, so if you already use it on your computer, you do not need to download the new ISO. Just make sure your system is up to date.

Download ISO

https://endeavors.com / latest-release /

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