WP Engine the overpriced WordPress hosting

Some time ago years iGuRu.gr used WP Engine as a hosting provider. The service was perfect at least until proven otherwise.

At the moment the company continues to offer Managed Hosting and maybe the packages addressed to small sites look very attractive, if one considers that the package includes support, staging environment, CDN, security, etc.

wp engine

But what if your page exceeds the limits of a small site? With a slightly larger website (traffic) the prices multiply and in general the problems start. Of course, we were not the only ones to notice these problems. Take a look in negative comments of Trustpilot.

What we recently noticed in the company:

They will not tell you how much RAM your environment has.
They do not follow the standard charge of other hosting companies in the bandwidth and use their own logic to determine what a visit means and when it is recorded.
Exactly the same settings are significantly more expensive than most managed providers
They charge too much for each visit that is above the package limit you have chosen
Many cash errors, and always to the benefit of the company.
Their own speed tests have always been faster than ours.

If you also have experiences with this company please leave your comment.

PS: Flywheel is owned by WP Engine

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