Slash commands in Microsoft Teams: save time

Do you want to save time during a conversation? You can use slash commands in Microsoft Teams. With these commands, you can use your keyboard for some common tasks.

Use the Slash commands by clicking in the search box and entering a "/" followed by one of the following commands.
/ activity, / away, / busy, / call, / dnd, / goto, / files, etc.

What are slash commands?

The slash commands in the Teams application (web and desktop) allow you to run common tasks. You can view the status update, go to a specific channel, or view recent files.

You can use them by clicking with the mouse in the search box and typing a "/" Once you do that, you can see all the available commands that exist.

You can also press Alt + K (Windows) or Option + K (Mac) together to open the command list. Commands will save you time during a busy day

Some common slash commands:


What is he doing
/ activitySee someone's activity.
/ availableSet your status to available.
/ awaySet your status to away.
/ busySet your status to busy.
/ callCall a phone number or Teams contact.
/ dndSet your status to do not disturb.
/ filesSee your recent files.
/ gotoGo right to a team or channel.
/ helpGet help with Teams.
/ joinJoin a team.
/ keysSee keyboard shortcuts.
/ mentionsSee all your @mentions.
/ orgSee someone's org chart.
/ savedSee your saved messages.
/ testcallCheck your call quality.
/ unreadSee all your unread activity.
/ whatsnewSee what's new in Teams.
/ whoAsk Who a question about someone.
/ wiki

Add a quick note.

You will see that there is a very large list of commands. There is currently a list of 18 supported commands. All users who use the Teams application have access to them and if something does not work for you, then your company has probably disabled the command function.



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