Chrome Extension: Language Learning with Netflix & YouTube

The Language Learning with Netflix & YouTube extension for Chrome helps you learn a foreign language while watching Netflix and Yputube.

language learning with netflix subtitles tab added 2

There is an extension for Google Chrome browser called Language Learning with Netflix & YouTube (Learning languages ​​with Netflix and YouTube) and helps you learn a new language while watching Netflix and YouTube.

This extension shows you subtitles for a YouTube or Netflix bilingual video just below the video. One language is English and the other language can be your native language, including Greek.

Also on the right side of the screen you will read the subtitles of the whole video. There you can select a specific word and see its translation and listen to it, to better understand it.

So while watching a video on YouTube or Netflix, you can practice a new language by simply reading and looking at the meanings of the different words that appear. Of course, it is a slow process, but you learn while having fun.

To install this extension use this link.

Once you have installed the extension, a user guide will appear in a new browser tab. Read the whole tutorial to understand how the extension works.

When you're done, upload a Netflix or YouTube page. I tried this extension using YouTube. You will notice that three new tabs have been added to the right side of your YouTube page, as shown in the screenshot below.

language learning with netflix subtitles tab added

Just play the video and you will see subtitles appear in two languages ​​on your screen. One is in English and the other in your language. You can easily change the subtitles of the second language to your native language by pressing the gear.

The translation of English subtitles is basically the same as the one used by Youtube, so do not expect any better quality than the one you already have. But practicing your English or French is fine.

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