EPIC sued at the FTC for a lenient deal with Facebook

EPIC vs. FTC: The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is faced with with a treatment filed by the Electronic team Information , also known as EPIC.

The lawsuit seeks to block approval of the FTC's settlement with the . As we mentioned earlier this week facebook has to pay one $5 billion, and implement some changes to protect privacy.

Where is the ; the FTC was very lenient with the largest social network, as Facebook's latest earnings report shows that it is gaining three times the FTC fine in just three months.

Facebook epic

EPIC challenges the fairness of the terms of the FTC's settlement and may cause the agency to change the terms of the deal to better deal with complaints lodged by individuals and consumer groups.

The EPIC group not only cites the size of the fine as a problem, but appears to be upset with how Facebook has managed to avoid responsibility for everything it has done, since the settlement with the FTC allowed the company to avoid admitting guilt. for mass scandals and data leakage, such as her scandal Cambridge Analytica.

EPIC also wants the court to rule on whether the FTC has granted Facebook blanket immunity from past legal challenges and whether the settlement's scope can be expanded to include issues such as broad use of identification without their consent and violations of children's privacy. Earlier this week, The Verge reported that Facebook had discovered a bug in its Messenger Kids app that allowed users under the age of 13 to start group chats with adults.

EPIC has filed multiple complaints against Facebook over the company's privacy practices. The group also says there are more than 26.000 other complaints against Facebook since 2011, when the company signed a consent decree with the FTC that was supposed to stop the same violations. According to . there were 8.000 complaints filed by consumers in 2018 alone.


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