Authorities raid Hydra's servers (dark web)

The German authorities stopped the servers of the Russian drug market in the darknet Hydra. Bitcoin worth $ 25,2 million seized, the German Federal Crime Police (BKA) announced on Tuesday:


Hydra was a large market on the dark web that served as a hub for the distribution of drugs, stolen credit cards, counterfeit banknotes, counterfeit documents and many other products or services.

The market was aimed mainly at criminals in Russia and surrounding countries. The merchants who connected to the site, pushed drugs all over the area hiding them in many different collection locations that were geo-tagged with GPS.

Following the closure of the German-based servers, authorities immediately launched an investigation into Hydra's "unknown administrators" suspected of selling drugs and money laundering.

German authorities say they have been investigating the market with US assistance since August 2021, but that no arrests have been made yet.

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Let's say that famous Russian drug market Hydra, once sought to raise $ 146 million by selling Bitcoin tokens, according to CoinDesk.

He wanted to use the funds raised from Hydra's initial public offering (ICO) to expand his drug business worldwide.

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