Funeral for the InSight rover on Mars

NASA has announced the termination of the InSight rover on Mars after it ran out of power and lost contact with it.


After four years of exploration and discovery, NASA has put an end to the InSight robotic spacecraft that has been on the planet Mars. The robot no longer had electricity, and NASA lost contact with it for good.

NASA tried repeatedly to communicate with him but the failure to connect forced the company to declare mission "accomplished", holding a funeral for him.

Of course, the epilogue was a foregone conclusion, since in the last few weeks the energy left in InSight was low, due to the dust that had accumulated in its solar panels. The last time the robotic craft contacted Earth, according to NASA, was on December 15.


For the story, InSight landed on the Red Planet in November 2018, as a continuation of NASA's interplanetary exploration of Mars following the Curiosity mission in 2012.

For four years he explored the secrets of Mars and recorded 1.300 earthquakes and made important discoveries about the geodynamic evolution of the Red Planet. The Best Technology Site in Greece
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