Troubleshoot oobekeyboard and BIOS problems

Last week a mother of one gave me one DELL Latitude D531 (its cutting-edge technology 2007…) to install it windows 10, office and webex, until that time the laptop had 2 GB RAM, windows 7- SP1 and at the same time they were running 3 antivirus (eset, avast, avg) making it essentially later than a turtle.

I confess that my first thought was: now, which recycling to go to? but then I asked at what material cost he can accept that the "old man" will reach Dell.

Not to mention, we found it from 4GB internet RAM DDR2, and we left his… titanium 80's hard drive GB as it were.

Placing them RAM I started the installation (via usb) of 10 windows. After 2 hours I found that the installation was at 35%!

5 hours later, the installation was finished, but displaying the message "oobekeyboard", when it was time to configure the windows (language, keyboard, etc.).

Applying the repair I found at video : Error OOBEKEYBOARD changing Spanish "administadors ” shown by the image of Spanish Video, with the "administators ”, since its relevant report Microsoft on the subject in Windows 10 Installer OOBE errors created a lot of gaps for me, I managed to start it laptop.

The dominant gap left to me by her "instructions" Ms it was “okay we opened it andimistrator, with the command "net user Administrator / active: yes ”then, do we leave him like this? Open? Obviously the her mentor Ms forgot to add the instructions the lad put on video that I mentioned to you above.

After 10 hours the computer got ahead of having windows 10 20H2 I found that the card did not work in the system Wireless but also of sound, while in their hardware management windows showed them both active and operating without conflict.

Finally, not to mention, the solution was to upgrade it BIOS where, the laptop was still "wearing" its original version (A00). I started upgrading it BIOS to rufus finding out how, because his battery OF was dead, the system did not allow me to upgrade. Finally I implemented the command: “force ” by DOS and everything flowed like water. For instructions see: BIOS upgrade on a laptop when its battery is damaged.

Finally, after I loaded the version BIOS A10, after I found out that the A12 version is not accepted by the motherboard, finding bibliography on the internet that her A10 DELL rather has problems in compilation (in writing and stitching of its parts), I reloaded 10 windows.

After all ; Into 2 hrs the old laptop ran and worked just fine for its age, limiting the needs of its users (*) to youtube, mails, webex and office.

Free and powerful libreoffice actually.

Oh yes ! And in a little solitaire play, which the mother of the child wanted. And I understand it since with the (voluntary) isolations (lockdowns) a few moments of relaxed mind function, left in the world (which does NOT watch TV) and has forgotten to have hobby. Even computer DIY or sourdough…

But this is a matter of another "point" internet.

(* I uninstalled every advertising toy of Win10, each skype, 3D … Τάδε και oneedrive, and shut down any background applications other than their security windows and settings)

Giorgos Th. Kanellakis

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