Scientists have shrunk a cancerous tumor with a magnetic helmet

With a completely new method of treatment, scientists have managed to successfully shrink a deadly cancerous tumor from a patient's head, using a magnetic helmet.

magnetic helmet

The news published on foreign news sites impressed us, as where we hear magnetic "health devices" we believe that they are all rubbish in which you should not waste your money. But scientists in Houston, USA, opposed this general rule by putting a magnetic helmet on the patient's head, which significantly shrunk a deadly tumor in his brain, without any invasive surgery. All from the comfort of the patient's home.

Η this study was started with one patient to suffer from glioblastoma, the most deadly of brain cancers. The patient has already undergone standard and extreme treatments, including radical surgical removal, chemoradiotherapy and experimental gene therapy, and unfortunately, none of them have been successful in his condition.

Through an FDA-approved procedure known as palliative care, researchers have attempted a new method using oscillating magnetic fields. The patient wore a helmet with rotating permanent magnets, with the oscillating magnetic fields created in specific frequency profiles and timing patterns.

In the beginning, the patient wore the helmet for two hours under the supervision of a specialist, before moving into his house and wearing it for up to six hours with the help of his wife. For the record, unfortunately, the patient died of an unrelated injury, about a month after treatment. But his death allowed scientists to see the results up close.

The family generously allowed the researchers to do an autopsy to see first hand how well the treatment worked. And as it turned out, the volume shrank by 31%. Given that the result came without surgery or chemotherapy, future applications of this technology are promising.

But as with most medical discoveries, more tests are needed, along with repetitive results. However, if scientists can replicate the results successfully, this could lead to a new and less invasive treatment for some of the worst cancers.

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