Attack on FBI systems at New York offices

A cyber-attack carried out on the systems of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has reportedly been “contained” by the US law enforcement agency.

CNN he says, via anonymous sources, that the attack took place at the FBI offices in New York on computers used by the agency to investigate "child sexual exploitation images."

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In a statement to CNN, an FBI spokesman admitted there had been a cyberattack on their systems, but added: "This is an isolated incident that has been contained." At this time, there is no information on who may be responsible for this incident.

This is certainly not the first time the FBI has had to deal with hackers attacking the agency, either directly or indirectly. In November 2021, someone hacked an email address of the FBI and used it to send over 100.000 emails to organizations.

These messages contained a false warning claiming that the Department of Homeland Security was investigating a cyber attack on the recipients. The FBI said at the time that it fixed a software bug that led to the emails, but to date there is no word on who compromised that email address. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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