Epson: forced repair-upgrade of printers because it wants to

Η εταιρεία κατασκευής εκτυπωτών Epson φαίνεται να έχει προγραμματίσει ορισμένα μοντέλα εκτυπωτών inkjet της να “σταματούν να λειτουργούν” σε προκαθορισμένο χρόνο, αναφέροντας τον κίνδυνο ζημιάς από “χυμένα μελάνια”, αναφέρει το Fight to Repair.


Epson printer owners have complained that their printers have suddenly stopped working, displaying an error message stating that a part of the printer has "reached the end of its life" and that the device needs to be serviced.

According to Epson's website, the message is linked to ink pads, which Epson describes as "porous pads in the printer that collect, distribute and contain unused ink." Over time, these pads become filled with ink.

“Like many products, all Epson consumer ink jet products have a finite lifespan due to wear and tear of components during normal use... The printers are designed to stop working at the point where continued use without replacing the ink pads could create risks for property damage from ink leaks or safety issues related to excess ink coming into contact with an electrical component,” the company says on its website.

However, instead of measuring the saturation of the ink pads to determine when this will occur, Epson has programmed a counter into its printers that turns off the device when a threshold is reached.

For printer owners using Windows, Epson is creating a reset utility that can reset the counter, although it can "only be used once and will allow printing for a short time."

For Windows users who have already run the reset utility once, Epson urges that they repair their printer at an authorized Epson service shop or — preferably — replace the printer with a new one.

"Repair may not be a cost-effective option for lower-cost printers because other components may also be nearing the end of their life," the company says.

Some legal experts say that Epson's hard coding of end-of-life into its printers could be illegal — a flagrant example of "deceptive trade practices" unless it clearly discloses the existence of the planned end-of-life to consumers before purchase.

Fight to Repair reports that Epson is “pushing its customers to throw away their printers simply because some sponges are full of ink.

"In doing so, the company is fueling the e-waste epidemic and forcing customers into an expensive and (as it turns out) unnecessary upgrade." The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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  1. There are ways to restore with a combination of buttons on the printer (depending on the model, I do this) or with a program, in addition it may be necessary to empty the container with the sponges that collect the ink (when they are full due to cleaning the head or the dynamic washing that is needed to do, then you have to press it with the sponges until the ink they have retained goes away). Search e.g. How to Reset Epson

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