ERDi brochure to protect the privacy of young people

The ERDi, was published in a booklet entitled: "Your Guide to Digital Defenders vs. Data Invaders! - Protection of privacy for young people” (“Your guide to Defenders vs. Data Intruders – for kids!") To help them young people between 10-14 years to protect their privacy (privacy and personal data protection).ERDi

Kirsten Fiedler, Managing Director of European Digital Rights, says:

"The internet is an amazing opportunity for young people to learn, communicate and explore new worlds. Our booklet will help them enjoy all of the internet, while protecting their personal information.”

Το φυλλάδιο είναι αποτέλεσμα ενός διεθνούς προτος με συνεισφορές from the EDRi network (Bits of Freedom, Open Rights GroupChaos Computer Club, Digitale GesellschaftApTI Romania, Mediamocracy and many others).

In the parallel (imaginary but also extremely realistic) universe of the brochure, a υπερηρώων (οι Digital Defenders / Ψηφιακοί Υπερασπιστές) αγωνίζεται ενάντια σε μια ομάδα κακοποιών (τους Data Intruders / Εισβολείς Δεδομένων). Δημιουργήθηκε από τον γερμανό κομίστα και εικονογράφο, Gregor Sedlag ( is external).

The original language is English, but below is the Greek translation from This brochure is available under a Creative Commons License (CC-BY) License and you can download it freely and redistribute it.

The brochure in Greek from here 

The English Booklet here The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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