eScore application with livescores on iPhone & iPad for sports fans

For sports fans with iPhone there is now a new one
an application that definitely deserves their attention. It's a brand new one
application with live sports results and called eScore. OR
application covers results and statistics from 26 sports and for
more than 3000 events / tournaments, which makes it
the number one application for sports coverage category.
It has aesthetically high design and simple navigation to make it easy
to find the last scores of each event and sports.


It also offers the unique feature "My fights" with which you can
to watch only the popular matches of your choice from all of them

A brief summary of the main features of the application:

- Fast and reliable application of live football results,
basketball, tennis and 23 even sports.

- LIVE feature that allows users to watch live
only the current sports matches of their choice.

Feature "My fights" with push notifications - for
watching only the user's favorite matches.

- Prehistory statistics for almost all sports and leagues.

- Detailed scoreboards or event boards for all sports.

- Comprehensive statistics for football matches - incl
11s, scorers, cards and changes.

- Valuable details in live matches for selected sports e.g.
point-to-point progress in tennis matches.

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For the moment, the news can only look good for iOS friends
but eScore developers are already working on a version for
android that will be released shortly.
You can download the eScore application here:

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