What does ESET's DESlock + Pro do?

ESET's advanced DESlock + Pro encryption solution is a standard for industry, providing SMBs with easy installation and superior encryption technology.DESlock For ESET

In the first testing of encryption solutions for AV-Comparatives (PDF), ESET DESlock + Pro's encryption solution was proclaimed to be the top market solution for small and medium-sized businesses that want to keep their data secure. According to the results, DESlock + Pro surpassed the remaining four encryption solutions available on the market. The report confirms that ESET's solution enables small and medium-sized businesses and organizations to access a full range of encryption options, making it the industry standard.

What does the new app offer:

·         The solution DESlock + Pro by ESET features a full range of encryption options, offering full encryption on the hard disk, files, folders, and removable media, and can be managed from a central console.

·         The product is suitable for small as well as large businesses - the flexible technical specifications of the management console enable it to run just as well on a working Windows client OS for a workgroup, as well as on a Windows Server level in an Active Directory domain.

·         The management server can be configured simply by using an installation wizard, which automatically installs any additional software component it may need (eg SQL Server).

·         The administrator can easily allocate encrypted data to users by encryption key management according to user groups.

·         At client level, smart software makes it easy to encrypt files, folders, and removable media from users to their computers.

·         The file with the instructions for both the encryption software and the management console is thorough, clear, detailed and easy to navigate.

Data security remains one of the most important issues in which companies of all sizes will increasingly prioritize in the coming years in order to remain competitive and adapt to the rapidly changing landscape.

DESlock encryption software helps businesses and users protect themselves against data breaches, while allowing secure collaboration within complex workgroup environments. In July of 2015, DESlock was acquired by ESET after a two-year collaboration of companies.

For an in-depth assessment of the debate on the General Data Protection Regulation, interested parties can visit the dedicated ESET website: encryption.eset.com. More information about DESlock + Pro is available at www.eset.com. The full text of the report is available at AV-Comparatives.org.

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