ESET: Back to desks 2020 special offer

In 2020, the start of the school year will be different from any other. The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed the educational experience for both school-age children and college students.

For many, virtual classrooms replaced physical classrooms overnight, turning classrooms into classrooms and subverting data on existing technology systems.

Whether they return to school physically or virtually, it is important that students, teachers and administrators remain protected from cyber threats.

In this context, ESET, the leader in international cyber security, announced a special 50% discount for the online protection solution ESET Internet Security.

ESET Consumer & IoT Segment Director, Mária Trnková, said, “There are countless aspects of our daily lives that have changed dramatically over the years and education is no exception. The pandemic has changed the teaching and learning experience for many around the world and the last thing one needs to do is tackle a cyber security breach. "We are proud to support teachers and students with state-of-the-art technology to ensure that all users are safe at the start of the school year."

ESET Internet Security offers advanced protection against hackers, scams and malware and is a multi-level security system that protects against all types of cyber and offline threats. Key features include:

Protection on multiple platforms- Provides protection on all devices whether Mac, Windows, Android or Linux with a single license.

Privacy - Prevents unauthorized access to the computer and the use of data for malicious purposes.

Secure banking - Automatically protects online banking and offers a special secure browser through which users can securely make electronic payments and access wallets.

anti-theft characteristics - Monitors and locates the computer in case of loss or theft and detects burglars through the built-in camera of the laptop.

Secure communication with other users - Protects the webcam and home router from intruders and allows users to scan their smart devices for security vulnerabilities.

More information about ESET Internet Security.

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