ESET on the recent cyberattack on the Open University of Cyprus

Many media outlets in Cyprus report that the "Medusa" hacker group gave the disclosure of personal data acquired by the Open University of Cyprus after the institution failed to pay a $100.000 ransom demanded by the group.jellyfish

The cyber attack occurred on March 27, with the hackers then demanding payment in cryptocurrency to keep the data from being released. The university refused to pay, so the hackers decided to publish the data on the dark web. The amount of personal data the hackers obtained has not been confirmed.

Security expert Dinos Pastos claimed that the information could consist of terabytes of data. The full implications of the leak will not be known until the exact nature of the data is confirmed.

Ο Ηλίας Τσαψίδης, Brand Manager ESET Κύπρου και Μάλτας, σχολιάζει:

"This incident highlights the importance of strong cyber defenses. Ransomware attacks like this are becoming more common and organizations need to take proactive measures to protect their sensitive data from these threats. We urge all organizations to ensure they have a comprehensive backup plan in place and regularly test their security systems to detect and prevent such attacks. It is vital that they have a robust incident response plan in place to minimize the impact of any cyber attack.” The Best Technology Site in Greece
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