ESET Fake Modes on Google Play for Minecraft Players

ESET researchers have discovered over 80 malicious applications that are "masquerading" as mods for Minecraft, measuring almost millions of installations in the official application store.

Some time ago Minecraft was associated with a scareware campaign, and again today, ESET researchers report another case of abuse of the popular application.

According to the official analysis on the ESET page, there are 87 fake Minecraft mods on Google Play, which target players of this game who use the Android platform, harassing them with aggressive ads and scams. So far, about 990.000 users have installed these fake mods.Minecraft

ESET researchers have divided the malicious activity associated with fake Minecraft mods into two main categories: downloaders, which display ads and are detected by ESET as Android / TrojanDownloader.Agent.JL, and fake applications, which redirect users on scam websites, and are detected by ESET as Android / FakeApp.FG.

As for Android / TrojanDownloader.Agent.JL, ESET reports 14 fake mods that are dressed in mods for Minecraft, having recorded up to 80.000 facilities. As these fake mods applications are only responsible for displaying aggressive ads, bad reviews are common.

As for Android / FakeApp.FG, ESET reports 73 cases with redirects to scam websites, counting 910.000 installations, between January and March 2017. Once installed, apps display a screen with a download button. Clicking on the button does not remove any mod, instead, the user is redirected to a web page that opens in a browser and displays each type of annoying content.

"To avoid being cheated by fake apps and malware, you always choose officially app download stores" reminds users Lukš Štefanko, researcher Malware of ESET.

"Be very careful when downloading applications from third-party vendors that offer additional features to existing applications. It also helps to check how popular an app is by facility numbers, ratings and, most importantly, the content of ratings - in the case of specific apps, low ratings and angry reviews should be a pretty good indicator. of their unreliability ".

Η complete analysis of fake mods for Minecraft on Google Play is available at

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