Distinction for ESET Mobile Security in Germany before the MWC conference

A yet recognition he won η ESET as η application ESET Mobile Security for Android captured the first position into a Independent essay of top German organization Stiftung Warentest. Η solution of ESET  overcame The competitive winning the discrimination "Good" with This makes it a perfect choice for people with diabetes and for those who want to lose weight or follow a balanced diet. higher score than all other 13 products that participated.

Η Revelation of results Took place little before This makes it a perfect choice for people with diabetes and for those who want to lose weight or follow a balanced diet. Mobile World Congress, που will take place at Barcelona at the end of this month.ESET Mobile Security Android

Based in Berlin, the agency Stiftung Warentest performs hundreds of independent benchmarking of products, including the evaluation of solutions IT s. "Η ESET has the best usability in the test ει protects reliably… and has the least charge on smartphones", refers to various στην εκτενή of his magazine Stiftung Warentest, highlighting ease of use, reliability and low system resource consumption that characterize it ESET Mobile Security.

Η ESET will present his latest version ESET Mobile Security on Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona (Spain), which starts at 22 in February, and will be in Hall 5, Booth B05. Except ESET Mobile Security, the company will present the brand new application for the of children in Android, ESET .  

«We are excited about these results, especially in Germany. ESET is a European-based company, in fact the largest in the EU, and Germany is an important goal of our business. It is our priority to have satisfied customers in Germany, across Europe and around the world. With these results, it proves even more the excellent quality of ESET Mobile Security for Android », he said Miroslav Mikus, for Europe, Middle East and Africa in ESET.

Ο Stiftung Warentest it is not the only organization that recognizes it ESET Mobile Security as the leading security application for Android, as at the end of last year the solution won the Austrian magazine's competition Consumer, an equally important competition with a local character held for consumers.

Pleasant news about ESET Mobile Security also came recently from the tests "PC Security Labs (PCSL) Detection Test"In December, which runs the Chinese Institute of Counseling on issues IT, PC Security Labs. Its implementation ESET achieved the highest score on detection malware detection, as well as recording zero alerts .

For more information, visit the page www.ESET.com/gr

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