What ESET shows at Mobile World Congress 2017

ESET participates in the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (27 February - 2 March 2017), presenting its recent solutions specifically for business and mobile platforms, its latest research and strategy to follow in accordance with its Privacy Policy of the EU. More information about the company's presence at the conference is available at special page.ESET

The conference will present ESET's new Threat Intelligence services. The services predict and warn businesses of the dangers that threaten them in real time, giving them even greater flexibility to adapt to a rapidly changing threat landscape. Targeted attacks, advanced APTs, zerodays, and botnet attacks are included in the Threat Intelligence analysis. Additionally, the services are available in security organizations and Security Operations Centers to analyze specific types of malware and provide specialized information about their operation and impact.

In ESET's latest survey, an important issue is the threat posed by mobile devices, and in particular the ransomware attacking the Android platform by encrypting files and locking the screen. ESET researchers will present a white paper with the latest data, while ESET Chief Technology Officer Juraj Malcho will present a presentation on the subject at the conference. In his statement he said "Every year we see the gradual increase of this threat, generally on all platforms and more specifically on mobile devices. However, users still do not protect themselves properly, nor devote proper attention to responsible online behavior. "

Stakeholders can read more about the results of research on the relevant blogposts "Android ransomware spreads further, with new methods in its toolbox","Security by design for mobile device manufacturers" and "Indirect damage: Why service providers should care about customer security"On the news portal WeLiveSecurity.com

Another key point where ESET will focus in Barcelona will be the European Privacy Policy. Findings will be presented by a survey conducted by IDC on behalf of ESET to IT policy makers from various European countries on data protection and the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

"Data security is a key element of the EU regulation that obliges businesses to ensure adequate protection of personal data. ESET solutions and technology are well suited to address the main aspects of these EU requirements, "said Palo Balaj, Head of EMEA Business Development at ESET, who will also be at ESET's pavilion at the conference.

Among other top ESET executives, Ignacio Sbampato, Chief Business Officer, and Miroslav Mikus, EMEA Sales and Marketing Director, will be available for meetings.

For business entrants, ESET CTO Juraj Malcho will present the latest security trends in ESET's specially designed Networking Event on Tuesday 28 February 16.00-18.00 hours at MWC Networking Garden 3 / 5.

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