ESET Trends 2017 Security held ransom forecasts for the new year

In an effort to help businesses and home users better protect themselves in 2017, ESET asked its experts to prepare a report with the main trends in security issues. In the exhibition "Trends 2017: Security held Ransom» includes information on the latest attacks, as well as predictions on issues that will threaten cyber security this year. The report is available to readers free of charge, offering them the opportunity to be informed and better prepared to meet the challenges involved.ESET Trends 2017 Security held by ransom

Based on the information gathered from ESET Research Labs around the world, the report shows that 2017 will also become a "year of ransomware". As reported in the report:A new trend is on the horizon: Ransomware of Things or RoT, meaning the ability of cybercriminals to attack devices holding them hostage and then demand ransom in exchange for restoring user control..

With the cost of cyber crime growing more than 200% over the past five years, ESET wanted to help not only businesses and users understand advanced tactics and techniques used by hackers, but also to help protect them from threats against 2017. It is important for all users to be aware of what kind of attacks are at stake, as cybercrime has significant implications: it affects the financial resources that users and organizations have to protect, and affects reputation, damaging them in case they fall victim to an attack. The report also emphasizes the importance of continuing education as one of the basic prerequisites for staying safe as it is online and introduces simple steps to increase the cognitive level to readers.

The "The Trends 2017: Security held Ransom report "is divided into nine chapters, each focusing on an important aspect of information security. Most of the funds deal with threats, either by type (Ransomware, Vulnerabilities, and Mobile) or by industry (Health, Critical Infrastructure, and Gaming). ESET's position on broader developments in the security industry is also hosted, with 2017 playing a more prominent role.

Those interested can download the entire report here: ESET Trends 2017: Security held by ransom report or read a shorter version of it at

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