ESET: In Greece, ESET World 2017 Conference

More than 350 ESET partners from around the world visited our country at 29 May - 2 June 2017 on ESET World 2017.

The excellent performance of the company in the Greek market, taking into account the sizes and capabilities compared to other countries worldwide, led to the selection of Greece for the second time in the last four years as host country of the annual world conference of ESET.ESET World 2017 Conference

The 2014 World Congress was held in Rhodes, and this year ESET World 2017 was hosted in a well-known hotel in the Peloponnese.

Executives of management, marketing, sales, technical support, researchers malware and analysts working for ESET worldwide have had the opportunity to share experiences and know-how, to be informed about all developments in the security industry and to discuss the IT security strategy and trends.

This year ESET World 2017 was the occasion for the presentation of new solutions that promote preventive technology and artificial intelligence. At the same time, the strategy and actions to be followed in the framework of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) were discussed. The conference was also the occasion to reward the partners who achieved excellent performance in market shares. In this context, ESET Hellas & Cyprus won a distinction in the category "New Business Champion 2017".

Mr. Neophytos Neophytou, CEO of ESET Middle East, Hellas & Cyprus, stated:

"From 1987, ESET has eradicated a steady course of continuous development, now having a presence in more than 200 countries and keeping millions of users safe over 100. The continued development of its products, expanded with offering solutions now in new security areas with both intelligence, encryption, two-factor authentication, DLP and patch management, is proof of the ability to truly keep users and businesses safe now and in the future."

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