ESR tombstone in the media's polyphony

Με ψήφους 7 προς 2, το ΕΣΡ σήμερα έβαλε «ταφόπλακα» στην πολυφωνία των ΜΜΕ.


With a reasoning that is at least comical in its conception, the National Radio and Television Council decided that the huge discrepancies that existed in the television time given in a certain period of time to the ND compared to other parties, including SYRIZA, MeRA25 and the KKE, are not reprehensible, as, despite the injustice of the times, the opinions were presented.

An even more saddening impression is caused by the fact that in a debate on a specific bill for which MeRA25's opinions were bypassed and not presented at all, the responsibility again does not lie with the station as the journalists may simply not have known that the specific party has positions on the relevant bill. In other words, the opinions of MeRA25 were not hushed up, just... the journalists were not aware of them.

The decision of the ESR concerns SKAI, however, it sets extremely negative precedents on the critical issue of pluralism in the large media.

In practice, the decision enables anyone from now on to silence the opinions of parties elected to Parliament, with the simple (or rather simplistic) excuse that... the journalists "didn't know" that the party has a position. The Best Technology Site in Greece
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