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Essential NetTools is a set of network scanning tools. They offer security to users and administrators as they can be used to diagnose networks and monitor your computer's network connections. It's a Swiss Army Knife for anyone interested in a powerful network tool kit for everyday use.

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NetStat: displays a list of your computer's incoming and outgoing network connections. Includes information on open TCP and UDP ports, IP address, and connection states. What makes it different from other NetStat utilities is the ability to pair open ports with the application that uses them.

NBScan: a powerful and fast NetBIOS scanner. NBScan can scan a network within a given range of IP addresses and display computers that share NetBIOS resources, as well as nameplates and MAC addresses.

Unlike the standard nbtstat utility provided by Windows, this tool provides a graphical user interface and easy management of the lmhosts file. It has a parallel scan that allows you to control a Class C network in less than a minute. NBScan can facilitate routine tasks frequently performed by system integrators, administrators, and analysts.

Port Scan: an advanced TCP port scanner that allows you to scan your network for active ports. This tool features conventional and stealth scan.

HostAlive: a network monitoring tool that periodically checks if a host is alive and running on network services such as HTTP or FTP.

EmailVerify: checks if an e-mail address is valid by communicating with the respective mail server via SMTP.

shares: monitors and records external connections to your computer's shared resources, displays local shared items, and provides a quick and easy way to connect to remote resources.

SysFiles: a convenient processor for the five major system files: services, protocol, networks, servers, and lmhosts.

NetAudit (NetBIOS Control Tool): lets you run various security checks on your network and / or individual computers that offer the NetBIOS file sharing service. This tool can help you detect potential security vulnerabilities.

RawSocket: enables you to create low-level TCP and UDP connections to troubleshoot and test different networking services. The colorful and convenient interface make it a great tool for any network administrator or developer.

WiFiMan: displays wireless adapters installed on a computer, lists available wireless networks, and lets you manage connection profiles.

TraceRoute and Ping: these well-known utilities have customizable options and a convenient display of results that allow you to explore the Internet and experience connectivity issues.

NS Lookup: allows you to convert IP addresses to hostnames και αντίστροφα, να αποκτήσετε and run advanced DNS queries, such as MX or CNAME.

IPBlackList: checks if IP addresses are included in various IP address blacklists: SPAM databases, open mail and mail servers, etc. This tool helps you understand why a given IP address is rejected by certain network resources, such as mail servers.

ProcMon: displays the list of running processes with complete information about the program location, constructor, process ID, and loaded drives. With this tool, you can view CPU usage statistics, identify hidden applications, "kill" current processes, and manage your computer resource usage more efficiently.

SNMPAudit: Advanced SNMP device scanner. It allows you to locate SNMP on a selected network segment quickly and get customizable data sampling for each of the devices. You can use the SNMP browser to drill down on a device.

Other include generating reports in HTML, text, and comma-delimited formats. Quickly share IP addresses between different tools. IP address geographic location. A comprehensive system summary window, and a highly customizable interface.

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