Essentials Localization free lessons from Google

Google: Localization or localization is a vital but less discussed technology, but it can also lead to a very profitable career. Google recognizing the importance of the industry and helping a new world get into technology has just begun a free lesson on the Udacity online learning platform called Essentials Localization.

The six-course course is presented by two Google locating professionals and includes interviews, guides and quizzes. Represents a very good and "soft" introduction in the field of local adaptation.

Introduces the challenges faced by localization engineers daily, as well as the tools they use. The lesson also gives you an idea of ​​what you can expect from a career in this field.

You can find the lessons in the link at the end of the publication and read more about them at Blog of Google Developers.

If you are good with languages ​​and want a job in this technology, but you do not want to be a coder, it is worth taking a look.

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