Estee Lauder will pay NASA $ 128.000 for an ISS photo shoot

Cosmetics company Estee Lauder will pay NASA $ 128.000 for a photo of its products on the International Space Station.

The Bloomberg reports that the company will pay NASA to buy 10 bottles of the perfume Advanced night repair on the space station orbiting the Earth. THE The Fragrances will start in Virginia on Tuesday and arrive at the station on Saturday.

Once the product arrives at the station, the θα επιφορτιστούν με τη λήψη φωτογραφιών του αρώματος που θα αιωρείται μπροστά από τα παράθυρα του σταθμού με πανοραμική θέα τη Γη και το διάστημα.

NASA charges a "professional fee" of $17.500 per hour, as for the astronauts' working hours. Really, what salary do you get?

Estee Lauder says it plans to use the photos on social media, where it will gain traction after about 4 people follow the brand, only on Instagram. One of the bottles will also be auctioned for charity after returning to Earth in the spring.

NASA announced in June 2019 that it is opening the ISS to space tourists and commercial activities. Estee Lauder's upcoming photo shoot will be the second commercial product to be released as part of the new push. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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