Eugene Kaspersky and Antarctic Biennale on the road to Antarctica

Her first campaign Antarctic Biennale the research ship "Akademik Sergey Vavilov" started from Ushuaia on 17 March and will last for 12 days. Eugene Kaspersky, President and CEO of Kaspersky Lab and a fanatical traveler, participates in the campaign along with distinguished artists, architects, scientists and philosophers.Eugene Kaspersky and Antarctic Biennale

Having left Ushuaia by 17 of the month, the campaign has now passed the southern polar circle after crossing Drake's "no visibility and a fairly calm ocean," as reported by Eugene Kaspersky from the ship after the second day. «We have seen our first icebergs and are looking forward to "getting our first landmark". People are fantastic, creative and very communicative - though perhaps because they are not used to such excursions, many of the artists have nausea. "

After several failed attempts, due to the weather conditions and the huge icebergs that blocked the route to the moorings, the participants eventually arrived at Petermann Island on 21 March. «There were many animals everywhere - including a colony of Gentoo penguins, polar sea elephants and whales - with some coming to the surface right next to our boats. They are very friendly and are not afraid of people. Today, we saw three interesting installations created by artists, including one inspired by Kaspersky Lab! said Eugene.

The aim of the campaign is to create a platform for intercultural and interdisciplinary dialogue on the future of "communal spaces", to complete the unique artistic research on sites at the ends of human experience and to create the basis for effective communication in these spaces . During the landings in various locations in Antarctica, artists will temporarily install projects, or perform performances. These interventions will depend on mobility, site specific features, ecological compatibility, artistic expression and conceptual acuity.

Eugene Kaspersky believes that an important feature of art is exploration - extending the boundaries of human experience. Hopes that the Antarctic Biennale mission will create an innovative artistic heritage that will last over time.

You are one of the first people to see photos from the campaign (you can find them below) and stay tuned for more!

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