Ask what you want Eugene Kaspersky at Reddit

We just received an invitation for Ask Me Anything to be held by Kaspersky Lab founder and CEO, Eugene Kaspersky.

The invitation came from Kaspersky Promotion Company in Greece and, as a headline, says:

EXCLUSIVELY FOR PRESS RELEASES: Ask what you want Eugene Kaspersky on Thursday 11 May at Reddit.Eugene Kaspersky

Because Ask Me Anything at Reddit is for everyone, and we think everyone should have a step to make their voice heard, especially if their question does not flatter the company but seeks truth, we cite the invitation below.

Those who are faithful, unbelievers, challengers, etc., come to:

Ο Eugene Kaspersky, Chief Executive Officer Kaspersky Lab, a credible global digital security authority, will answer questions in the "Reddit Ask Me Anything "in 16: 00 GMT time.

The live, open online session will give participants an incomparable opportunity to ask Eugene to learn what they really want to know.

For nearly 30 years, Eugene has worked in the area of ​​computer security - the latest 20 at Kaspersky Lab. Under his leadership, Kaspersky Lab has become a global IT security company with a mission to save the world: by hunting and reporting digital threats and developing technologies that today keep more than 400 millions of people safe.

Today, everyone is surrounded by connected devices, networks and systems. At the same time, the number and range of digital threats continues to grow and has become a hot topic for security in the IT, business, consumer and government sectors.

During the session, Eugene will be ready to answer questions about:

  • The future of digital security
  • The threat of the digital war
  • Digital tactics in an increasingly politicized world
  • The challenge of performance
  • The relationship between governments and digital security
  • Artificial Intelligence in Digital Security
  • Russian hackers
  • And a lot more!

"I'm ready to talk about what you want to know, about digital security, about our company or even me. Ask anything! Let's make it real, entertaining and interesting! ", he said Eugene Kaspersky, Managing Director of Kaspersky Lab.

To be able to ask questions, users should subscribe to by following this link.

The session will take place on Thursday 11 May on 16: 00 GMT time.

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