EURACTIV: The Prosecutor tried to stop the ADAE investigation

MEP Giorgos Kyrtsos and investigative journalist Tasos Teloglou are the latest victims of the "Greek Watergate", a wiretapping scandal that has been shocking for months.

Πηγές κοντά στο θέμα ανέφεραν στην EURACTIV ότι ομάδα της Ελληνικής Αρχής για την Ασφάλεια και το Απόρρητο των Επικοινωνιών (ΑΔΑΕ) επισκέφθηκε την Πέμπτη (15 Δεκεμβρίου) την εταιρεία τηλεπικοινωνιών Cosmote.adae 1

ADAE, is an independent authority whose operation is provided for in the Greek constitution, and wanted to carry out an audit following requests submitted to the authority by MEP Kirtsos and Teloglou who wanted to know if it was under surveillance by the secret services.

EURACTIV reports that the audit confirmed that both men were under intelligence surveillance, but the reasons were not disclosed due to "national security".

Meanwhile, the independent authority faced many difficulties while conducting the audit.

The prosecutor of Greece's Supreme Court reportedly tried to block the audit, saying it was illegal, according to EURACTIV.

Several sources confirmed that Cosmote's legal counsel, after consultation with the CEO of the same company, tried to stop the audit by questioning the authority's competence.

ADAE representatives reacted by invoking their constitutional authority and insisted on the audit.

However, Cosmote informed them that it will contact the Prosecutor of the Supreme Court Isidoros Dogiakos for instructions. The ADAE representatives were then informed that the control process was illegal.

The ADAE, the same sources said, requested a written opinion from the prosecutor, which he allegedly refused.

Despite calls to end the audit, ADAE representatives persisted, saying they are independent of the judiciary, and continued to conduct the audit. The Best Technology Site in Greece
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