Europol "dropped" the RAMNIT botnet

Europol's cybercrime team has dropped the RAMNIT botnet, which has infected 3.2 million computers worldwide.Malware RAMNIT

The NCA (National Crime Agency) teamed up with the corresponding departments in the Netherlands, Italy and Germany to close down the command and control servers used by the botnet.

The RAMNIT was responsible for spreading malware through seemingly innocent links that were sent through phishing emails or social networking sites. It was used by scammers mainly to intercept money from which owners were Windows users.

"This malware essentially gives criminals a backdoor so they can take control of your computer, access your pictures, passwords or other personal data. "They are still using it to spread further spam or launch illegal attacks on other websites," said NCA's Steve Pye.

Today, servers are being analyzed and research is under way, the NCA said. Please note that Europol has been notified of the existence of RAMNIT by Microsoft.

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