Europol warning about ChatGPT

The EU's police force Europol he warned on Monday for potential misuse of chatbot ChatGPT an artificial intelligence tool in phishing, disinformation and cybercrime attempts.

The concerns that already exist concern legal as well as ethical issues.

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"As the capabilities of LLMs (large language models) such as ChatGPT continue to improve, the potential exploitation of these types of artificial intelligence systems by criminals provides an ominous prospect," Europol said in presenting its first technology report that started by the chatbot.

The agency singled out the harmful use of ChatGPT in three areas of crime.

"ChatGPT's ability to compose highly realistic text makes the tool very useful for phishing purposes," Europol said.

With its ability to reproduce language patterns to impersonate the speaking style of specific individuals or groups, the chatbot could be used by criminals looking to target victims, the EU law enforcement agency said.

He also said that ChatGPT's ability to produce authentic audio text at speed and scale also makes it an ideal tool for propaganda and disinformation.

“It allows users to create and spread messages that reflect a specific narrative with relatively little effort.”

Criminals with little technical knowledge could turn to ChatGPT to generate malicious code, Europol said. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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