Microsoft's Bing service predicts the winner of Eurovision

Microsoft Bing has a special mission lately. The company has commissioned the search engine to predict the winner of Eurovision this Saturday (23 May).Eurovision

So, according to the company, we have a winner.

A publication in the Microsoft blog states that Italy has a more likely chance of winning the 18 contest, followed by Sweden, Australia, Russia and Albania.

Below is the ranking, as provided by Microsoft Bing:

  • Italy - 18%
  • Sweden - 16.1%
  • Australia - 13.3%
  • Russia - 11,4%
  • Albania - 11.2%

Redmond's technicians report that Bing's search engine (essentially predicting) will continue to monitor online trends and provide new estimates regularly.

If you are wondering how accurate Bing predictions are, you should be aware that Microsoft has correctly predicted 16 from 19 winners of this year's Oscars. Not only that. He also predicted the outcome of 15 from the 16 World Cup games in Brazil.

Needless to say, Microsoft expects these to be the exact predictions of her contest Eurovision 2015. But we will surely know the Saturday night when the show ends in Vienna.

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The company also has the app that you can download for Windows (Download) from the Windows Store, but also for Android or iOS. Search for Eurovision Song Contest

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