EVA bra for detecting breast cancer from 18

EVA: A student from Mexico designed a bra that helps in the early detection of breast cancer. He had the idea when his mother lost both her breasts to the disease. So the Cantu thought of finding a better means of early detection.

Breast cancer, if diagnosed early, has a cure rate of almost 100%. Nevertheless, many they still forget to do the necessary monthly tests that could lead to an early diagnosis of it s.EVA

Cantu's solution involves adding σε ένα εσώρουχο που οι περισσότερες γυναίκες φορούν ούτως ή άλλως, ένα σουτιέν. Το σουτιέν με το όνομα EVA, χρησιμοποιεί περίπου 200 βιοαισθητήρες που χαρτογραφούν την επιφάνεια του στήθους και αναζητούν για αλλαγές θερμοκρασίας, μεγέθους και βάρους.

Mapping and the of changes in size and weight is the goal of most breast self-exams.

The temperature sensor, according to Cantu, is to analyze areas of hypervascularization looking for increased flow in a certain area. This blood flow could feed a tumor, according to the researcher.

Cantu's design has earned an impressive 20.000 dollar prize at the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA).

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