Everything of Voidtools: Are you tired of searching for Windows?

The "Everything" program is a free Voidtools search engine that instantly locates files and folders by filename on Windows operating systems.

"Everything" works perfectly in Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. Searching with the application requires running the service as an administrator.Everything

Unlike Windows search, "Everything" instantly displays every file and folder on your computer. You just type in the name you want in the search, and files and folders will appear immediately.

What does "immediate" mean?

A search through Everything in a new installation of Windows 10 (which has about 120.000 files) takes about 1 seconds to index.

For an installation that has 1.000.000 files, the search will take approximately 1 minutes.

The application uses very few resources in your system.

In a new Windows 10 installation (mentioned before, it contains about 120.000 files), the application uses about 14 MB RAM and less than 9 MB space on your hard disk.

In an installation that contains 1.000.000 files, the application uses about 75 MB RAM and 45 MB space on your hard disk.

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