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The Quora is a fantastic real site whose members make various questions with a wide range of themes and get answers from experts in the area. In the last year a unique thread has been created with users asking how Apple keeps secrets. The answers are unique because they give an insight into the company's leakage thinking, but even better there are answers that tell us how Apple's big secrets have leaked over the years.

Below we mention three examples to get an idea and more to find here.

Steve Jobs's philosophy of leakage at the time of Next (writes an employee of Next) 

"In the early years there was no secret within the company. Things were so clear and accessible to everyone that even everyone's detailed payroll was posted outside the CFO office and they urged us to look at it whenever we wanted. But no one was so interested in it. Steve Jobs had told us that in Next everything would be open and accessible to everyone but outside of Next we should not talk to anyone. He had told us this reasoning that he would keep it until the first leak from inside the company, since then, as he characteristically pointed out, he would abolish it and we would become another typical company. Of course, the tone of his voice was such that no one wanted to be the first from whom this first leak would start. "

How Apple tracks its original products (writes Apple employee)

"All Apple originals are labeled with a unique laser serial number and can be traced through an Apple system called iTrack. There is everywhere and the presence of physical security that even bodily control and all the prototypes that are not used for some purpose the test must be secured and locked in specific cupboards directly. Many times we do not even know what a colleague is working on. In order to be able to go from one department to another, it must have a specific pass with different security levels for everyone. Departments such as the designers have their own reception and in order to be able to enter beyond the appropriate licenses there is an exclusive escort that will take you to the area you want to visit. "

The leak of the iMac G3 in 1998 (writes Adam Banks editor of MacUser UK)

"I was the editor for MacUser UK at the time and there were a lot of rumors that Apple was ready to introduce us to a new Mac series. We were the first magazine to give the most accurate description of what this machine would look like months before Steve Jobs introduced it and named it the iMac. Our source was a person who had access to a test unit sent by Apple to his service. Then, although we were pressured, we did not reveal the name of the service, but today it is safe to say what the Pentagon was like. Steve Jobs considered it a safe place to test his iMac, and all Pentagon staffers were given clear instructions not to say anything outward. Of course for them it was another PC so they did not pay attention to these instructions "

Dimitrios Georgoulas @ GreekAppleNews

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