Exercise in a Box by GCHQ: Try out the strengths of your business for free

Exercise in a Box: Organizations and companies will be able to test their ability to prevent hackers and cyberattacks with a new free tool designed to prepare them against online threats such as malicious software, phishing and other malicious activities.

Exercise in a Box

The online tool has been designed by experts from the National Cyber ​​Security Center (NCSC) of the Information Service GCHQ of the United Kingdom, and comes to enhance resilience to cyber attacks based on scenarios that we encounter under real circumstances.

The tool is known as Exercise in a Box, and is available for government agencies, small businesses and emergency services. Its aim is to help public sector organizations and not just prepare themselves to defend their infrastructure.

"This new free tool will be vital to enhancing the cyber defense of small businesses, local government and other public and private organizations," said Office Minister David Lidington, who revealed the tool in a speech in Glasgow, Scotland.

Exercise in a Box provides a series of scenarios of common threats and so companies can practice in a safe environment.

"The NCSC considers exercise to be one of the most cost-effective ways an organization can test how it responds to cyber incidents," said Ciaran Martin, NCSC Managing Director.

"By practicing defense mechanisms you use, you can understand how effective they really are and where there is room for improvement."

Organizations, companies, and government agencies wishing to register for the use of Exercise in a Box can do so from the NCSC site.


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