Explosion on iPhone 5 by an extra screw

An Apple customer from Thailand had an accident with his iPhone, which allegedly had an extra spare inside, which caused a short circuit in the battery.

Exploded iphoneAfter the explosion of the iPhone began a survey by National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC), which reported on Tuesday, the daily said Bangkok Post.

NBTC Secretary-General Takorn Tantasit said the phone exploded due to a screw "had penetrated the phone's battery and caused a short circuit."

The screw should not have been there, while other "pentagonal" screws were missing from the device, according to the researchers.

The blame probably falls on Foxconn, the Chinese company that has assembled the Apple iPhone.

The video below shows what's left of the device after the explosion. The owner spoke on the phone at the time of the explosion. Luckily he was not injured because the phone was getting so hot that he threw it on the ground.

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