ExpressVPN was sold to Kape. Are you safe?

Kape Technologies PLC, a company that changed its name from Crossrider to hide its past, has acquired the popular VPN ExpressVPN. Η Express VPN είναι η τέταρτη VPN εταιρεία που απέκτησε η Kape (CyberGhost VPN, Zenmate και Private Internet Access) τα τελευταία χρόνια.

Η ExpressVPN ήταν μια ιδιωτική εταιρεία με έδρα τις Βρετανικές Παρθένες Νήσους. Έχει δημιουργήσει το δικό της Lightway στο οποίο έχει τον πλήρη έλεγχο.

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Most of the features offered by the company are similar to those of other VPN services: ExpressVPN supports desktop and mobile applications, runs on servers located in 94 countries, does not limit bandwidth, allows P2P and does not hold logs, except for technical reasons.

ExpressVPN he said its acquisition by Kape Technologies PLC on the official blog of the company.

"We have announced our plan to join Kape Technologies, a company listed on the London Stock Exchange, to be added to the clear world leader in digital privacy. With their support and resources, we will be able to innovate faster and protect you from a wider range of threats. Together, we will promote privacy technology, keeping you firmly in control of your digital experience even when new threats and challenges arise. ”

According to the announcement, ExpressVPN will remain a separate service and everything will remain as it is for the subscribers of the service.

Kape Technologies paid $ 936 million to acquire ExpressVPN, making the market the largest recorded deal on VPN services. Kape, for example, acquired Private Internet Access for one-tenth of the amount two years ago: $ 95,5 million.

TechRadar reports that the acquisition has lifted the veil behind ExpressVPN's business size. The company has over three million subscribers, which brought them "revenues of about $ 279,4 million in 2020, increased by 37% from 2019".

It seems that the lucrative VPN services are in the process of integration. Kape has acquired its fourth VPN company, making it one of the largest, if not the largest, subscriber VPN provider.

Η εταιρεία όμως έχει ένα σκοτεινό παρελθόν. Όταν ονομαζόταν Crossrider, είχε κακή φήμη επειδή κέρδιζε from potentially unwanted software bids (PuP). Security companies such as Malwarebytes classified Crossrider products as adware. The company was reportedly founded by a former Israeli agent.

[Forbes] These Ex-Israeli Surveillance Agents Hijack Your Browser To Profit From Ads

It's unclear how much influence Kape Technologies has over ExpressVPN, Private Internet Access, or its other latest purchases. All state that the companies are independent of company.

Kape's previous activities, however, are a cause for concern. If you forget at some point, the question remains whether integration is good for VPN services in general but for all users worldwide.

Larger companies have more resources that could be used to improve standards and functionality. However, they can also be used to increase prices once they dominate the market. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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