ExtPassword password recovery (Windows & programs)

ExtPassword is a portable Nirsoft application designed to retrieve passwords of Windows and applications running on Windows. Designed primarily for resetting passwords from external drives or USB devices.


The ExtPassword portable application is compatible with all versions of Windows (from Windows XP to Windows 11). The program can recover too many passwords from Windows and some other programs:

  • Windows credentials, and remote computer passwords.
  • Security questions and answers for Windows 10 and 11.
  • Microsoft Account Cache File.
  • Browser passwords (Chrome, Chromium, Firefox, Brave, Vivaldi, Microsoft Edge, Opera and Internet Explorer).
  • Dialup and VPN passwords.
  • Passwords from email clients (Outlook, Thunderbird and Windows Mail App on Windows 10 and 11).
  • Wireless network keys.
  • DPAPI passwords in Windows 10.

To retrieve the passwords you are interested in, you need to download the application from the Nirsoft website, extract the content and run it with administrator privileges.

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Windows will show you a warning SmartScreen. The program is not malicious and you can run it without fear.

The application displays a settings window at startup. Select the disk you want to scan.

It will take a minimum of one or two seconds to extract the codes. The data is displayed in a table that displays program names, usernames and passwords, user profiles, and more information.

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