Export all Chrome passwords to a .csv file

By default, Google Chrome does not allow you to export the saved passwords to a file. The browser is scheduled (and allows setting if you select it) to store the codes locally and online so you can use them in the current profile or sync them across all of your devices.

Below we will see a way to export all saved passwords to a file (without encryption, please).

This can be done with a special flag in browser settings, which is disabled by default.

Open the Google Chrome browser and type the following text in the address bar:

chrome: // flags / # password-import-export

The address will direct you to the flags page, and first you will see the relevant setting.
The setting called password-import-export, (password-import-export) allows you to activate the function. You must select "Enabled" in the drop-down list:

Once you change this setting, restart the browser.
Now, click the three dots on the top right of the menu and select Settings.
In Settings, scroll down to "Show advanced settings" and click on it.

More settings will appear. Find the "Passwords and forms" section and click on the "Manage passwords" link:

In the next window you will find the new "Export" and "Import" buttons below the list of saved passwords in Google Chrome.Chrome

If you click the export button, your passwords will be saved in a * .csv file. To ensure operation, Chrôme will prompt you to type your current Windows system password. This will ensure that the codes stored in Chrôme will not reach the hands of someone who has access to your unlocked computer.

Please note that on LInux systems the Google browser does not ask for a system password to export passwords.

The .csv file will contain the following information: user name, URL, username and password for each URL.

As mentioned above the passwords will be displayed without encryption, so keep the file somewhere safe or encrypt the file itself.

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