F-Secure Little Flocker: Next-Generation Protection on Mac

F-Secure released XFENCE, with Little Flocker technology. The application will enhance corporate and home security solutions in MacOS by adding advanced malware prevention techniques.

F-Secure security company acquired Little Flocker the most advanced security technology available for Mac by an app developer. F-Secure Little Flocker

Most Mac security solutions rely entirely on signatures for malware, but this can not protect Mac users from modern targeted attacks.

Little Flocker protects Macs by using advanced behavioral analysis and monitors applications trying to access confidential files and system resources. It also locates and blocks Mac ransomware.

F Secure will integrate the next-generation Little Flocker security engine into the new XFENCE technology. XFENCE will complement existing solutions to protect F-Secure's endpoint by providing advanced Mac protection solutions for businesses as well as for consumers.

The myth of Macs that do not require protection from ransomware, backdoors and other software vulnerabilities has begun to falter. Advanced persistent threats (APTs) are increasingly focusing on Mac due to Apple's popularity among senior-level employees and other high-value goals.

With the acquisition of the core of Little Flocker technology and its implementation in F Secure's endpoint protection portfolio as XFENCE, F-Secure will further enhance existing Cyber ​​Security features for its sophisticated detection of zero-day attacks, regardless of the platform chosen by its customers.

"Macs have become an attractive entry point for attackers who seek to penetrate organisms. With Little Flocker technology, we will enhance protection based on Mac's behavioral analysis to stop our modern opponents, "said Mike Stahlberg, Chief Technology Officer at F Secure.

Inter Engineering's Josmaarten Swinkels, CEO of Inter Engineering, comments: "F-Secure focuses on being the best in detection and investing heavily in technology to succeed. This is one of many actions that also benefit customers and the F Secure partner community. "

HF Secure plans to enrich Little Flocker technology with its security cloud and apply it to Protection Service for Business, a security solution with centrally managed computers, mobile devices and a server with embedded patch and Mobile Fleet Management. The technology will soon be available to consumers as part of the F-Secure SAFE solution - security for multiple and different devices.

For tech savvy users, the company will continue to offer the F-Secure XFENCE tool as a next-generation cyber security solution that will be available through a free beta release to:


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