Face-Maker-AI: Turn a sketch into a human face

You can enjoy your time with the Face-Maker-AI tool, which is a free web application that turns a sketch into a real human face online in seconds.

massless face maker ai

Massless.io is a free website offering graphic tools. There you will find various types of tools for both graphic designers and developers. One such online tool that can be used by designers is Face Maker AI.

Face Maker AI is a free online tool that allows designers to create a new human face through a simple sketch of a person's features. It does not take much effort to create a perfect human face, as long as the sketches are not irrelevant and look like a human face.

This online tool uses the power of artificial intelligence to make a human face out of sketch. You do not have to be a perfect designer to create a face in this tool. As an idea, it is interesting because usually on the internet we find the exact opposite, from a photo to a sketch.

To try this tool, you just have to visit the site here, and the website will show you a sample sketch in the left pane. The resulting image from this sketch will also be given in parallel with the sketch on the right.

You can either edit the sketch provided in the left pane or start with something new. Since we are not artists, we played a lot with the existing sketch. When we tried something completely new, we probably failed.

For every change you make you get the result almost immediately, at least within the next 15 seconds. If things get out of hand, you can always click the three vertical dots in the upper right corner of the toolbar on the web page. It will give you some more options like “Clear Sketch” to start a new sketch, “Download Images” to take pictures (whenever you are happy with your image) and “Regenerate” to create a different image selection with the same sketch.

Face Maker AI is a free web application that lets you create a human face from a sketch using AI techniques. The result may not satisfy you but at least it is a fun exercise to spend a few hours happily.

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