Facebook 15 years: the story with pictures of the original

Facebook turned 15 today. Instead of singing "Happy Birthday" let's take a trip to the Wayback machine to see how things have changed on Facebook.com over the years.

Prior to the idea of ​​naming Mark Zuckerberg before even going to Harvard University in 2004, the "Face book" was a booklet containing pictures of all students with their names. The purpose of the booklet was to get to know one another.

Now, of course, Facebook is the way we can avoid face-to-face contact with other people.

Let's face it: we're all on FaceBook. Below is an image by technologist Natalie Rojas "Faces of Facebook"

Below we will see how Facebook's Facebook login page changed over the years.

When it was officially launched on 4 February 2004, most of us were using AIM. Zuckerberg came with Facebook. The first FaceBook was on thefacebook .com domain.

The homepage mentioned, "A Mark Zuckerberg Production" while the "Info" page is below:

When Sean Parker came to FaceBook, he urged Zuckerberg to remove "The" from the company name. Zuckerberg never wanted it, reportedly, but bought it from Facebook.com in 2005 and used it.

Initially, the appearance of the site remained unchanged. But later that year, the company removed "The" from its name:

In 2004 FaceBook was a social networking site for colleges, but by 2005, as you can see below, there were "two FaceBooks: one for college and one for high school.

The social network made its first major change to 2007. It was then that Facebook eventually ceased to be an exclusive social club for students, and opened his doors for everyone: 

When Mark Zuckerberg became a billionaire, 2008 decided to remove "a Mark Zuckerberg production" from the bottom of the site:

From 2009, the changes to the page were simpler, the company only uses it images and link forms. See pictures:

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You don't like Facebook being arguably the most popular "thing" in the history of mankind. At least until the next big thing comes up to replace it.

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