Facebook 2 billion active users and 8 $ bn profits in the first quarter

Facebook announced total revenue over 8 billion dollars, of which revenue from ads was 7,86 billion dollars for the first quarter of the year, as well as an increase of quarterly profits by 76,6% (3 billion dollars).

2017 for Facebook so far is a good year after it has brought enormous revenue. 85% of total advertising revenue comes from mobile, from 82% that was the previous year. This proves that the company can and will make more profits from its mobile business, which investors fear is going to turn against the company.Facebook

The eMarketer research firm reports that Facebook is expected to generate revenue of 32 billion dollars in revenue from mobile ads for 2017, which does not seem to be too exaggerated if the company continues to maintain this trend.

The latest Facebook report also shows that the social network is still extremely popular, reaching the next milestone, 2 billions of active users per month. At this time, the company says it has 1,94 billions of monthly active users, a figure that is 17 percent higher than last year's period. Given how 7,5 is estimated to be billions of people on the planet, it means that about a quarter of the Earth's population is in Facebook.

"We had a good start in 2017. We continue to develop tools to support a strong global community," Zuckerberg told investors.

Earlier today, Zuckerberg announced that Facebook would hire an additional 3.000 people to monitor content reports across the platform, specifically live videos, because as we've seen in the news lately, the platform is being used to show live killings.

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