Facebook 2018 Year In Review

Today's largest social network was released the now popular Facebook 2018 Year In Review or in Greek the 2018 Year Review.

The video prepared by the company focuses on the most important events of the year, such as the World Cup, the Super Bowl 52, the royal wedding and more.
Of course, the highlights above do not include the scandals announced for Facebook on 2018, nor the hearing of Mark Zuckerberg by the US Congress. Facebook 2018

From 10 December, you will be able to see your own personalized video with your personal review of the year, as it perceives it and presents it with the largest social network. The video in a few moments will show moments of 2018 that you have shared or tagged in your name. According to the company, the short video can be edited and shared.


The top moments of this year were determined by gathering a list of top Facebook keywords that were released between January 1 and 11 2018 in November. To determine which topics were unique to 2018, Facebook reports that it compared these keywords with respect to the maximum daily volume of the previous year. This means that keywords like Mother's Day and Halloween, which typically represent some of the top moments each year, do not appear repeatedly at the top of the list.

Watch the video that posted on Facebook

Year In Review

Posted by Facebook on Wednesday, 5 December 2018

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