Facebook admits that fewer and fewer adolescents use their website

Three months ago, his CEO Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg reassured social network investors that the site did not have trouble writing new people.

"There has been a lot of speculation that fewer teens are using it Facebook, ”He said in July. "Based on our data, this is simply not true."
During the presentation of the company's profits made yesterday, Facebook made a surprise admission: Teenagers use the site much less.


Website use by teens was steady between the second and third quarters of this year, said Facebook Chief Financial Officer David Ebersman. But Facebook has experienced a "decline in daily users from the teen group." This is the first time that the social network admits that something like this has happened, reports Huffington Post.
Of course, despite the weaker interest in the social network than teenagers, Facebook's profits were very high. So high that exceeded the expectations of analysts of the company. The company reported profits of 2 billion dollars. Nearly half of this amount comes from mobile ads.

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